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VIP CLIENT PRODUCT SPECIAL - Wooden Box + Hard Mount Prints 60% OFF


ENJOY 60% OFF!! This is the actual DEAL OF THE CENTURY, or at least the deal of the ISOLATION…

PRINTS – Twenty of your favourite photographs on rigid substrate core material. Using 20 of your favourite images we have on file from your photo session with Tanha from Winni & Mini.

Unlike standard prints, flush mount prints are backed by a 1.0mm thick, rigid substrate core, making for a smooth, flat viewing surface, solid weighty feel and unmatched durability.

The core is made of a modern material called PS, which is much more environmentally friendly than the PVC cores used by most other companies. Laser cut edges and attractive rounded corners ensure prints really stand out from the background.

WOODEN BOX – A combination of beautiful grain and precisely machined edges. Don’t just keep your photos laying around. Instead put them in a box that will keep them safe.

Premium wood combined with stunning craftsmanship. All hand made.

Use your best photo of your children, baby or family, to make it a one of a kind.

Choose between the 5×7 inch or 8×10 inch options.

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If your previous session purchase was 10 images, you will be able to print the colour image and the black and white version to make up 20 prints.

If your session had more then 20 images, you will choose your top 20 favs!

There are currently no delays in production or shipping – approx 2-3 weeks, however if there are to be any changes or delays we will notify you asap.

To book your own Newborn, Baby, Family or Maternity session, contact TANHA HERE.