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Our Gold Coast Photography Studio

Nestled in a quiet peaceful gated estate in Upper Coomera, on the stunning Gold Coast, is a quiet and sacred place, that families can bring their newborn baby or older baby to be photographed. My studio is a dedicated baby photography space, where parents can feel safe, relaxed and very comfortable during their baby photography experience. I also photograph Milk Bath Maternity sessions at the studio and also portrait maternity photographs.

Studio print samples are on display, to help you make your decision on what you would like to have made for your home.

Large in house 86″ screen for you to view your images, and select which ones you want to purchase. This is usually all done on the same day as your studio session.

My Gold Coast studio has everything you need to sterilise bottles and pacifiers, and to heat your baby’s bottles too. 

The studio has a nespresso coffee machine and milk frother, because let’s face it, coffee is life! Of course, we have tea too!

All wraps, outfits for baby and props are supplied in your session, unless you want to bring in something special to you, please just send me a message so we can chat about how we can use your special item.

Ducted climate control, means the room is always kept at a comfortable and safe temperature, to suit the style of outfit or wrap your baby is wearing. 

Two large recliner couches, mean you can have a rest and even a sleep if you want to, why not I say! When you’re a new parent and you get a chance to rest, you should go for it! 

My photography lighting system is what they call flash or strobe studio light, meaning I don’t shoot using natural window light. This makes for extreme perfect consistency throughout your photographs, in terms of visual flow. The studio light is always turned down to minimum which is actually lower light output then natural window light at times. Because I am such an expert with this light I know how to create lighting effects to keep baby looking soft and warm.

The camera gear I use, is a Canon 5D mark IV, with Sigma ART 35mm & canon macro 100mm lenses, always the best!

We get lots of lovely comments on our floor rugs which are by RUGS OF BEAUTY.

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