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A: WE’RE A WIFE & HUSBAND TEAM! We run our photography business together and we LOVE every single part of it! We also battled for many years trying to conceive and then doing IVF many times to get our daughter. We really went through a hard time, and when we get to connect with others in a similar situation, what we create really comes from our hearts.


We like to show you all the photos that were taken at your session. Instead of sending you a small selection and hoping you like the choices we made, we let you look through them all so that at the end you have a selection of photos that you absolutely adore with your whole heart! 

Here for YOU, every step of the way. You’ll become part of my client family. You are my priority. You can contact me anytime. Only I, Tanha, will handle your precious baby. I promise to get your images to you in a timely manner. You will receive the best customer service I can possibly give, and that is always my main goal. You will get to experience tears of joy every time you look at your photos. That is what I want for you. 

I have photographed OVER 3000+ newborn babies, and having had two babies myself, I am aware of the emotions new parents go through, and I completely understand the natural instinct of a mum & dad wanting to protect their precious baby. Because of this I have created a studio that is very safe, highly sanitised and a place to take a moment to stop and really absorb the beautiful family you have created.

I have been told I am one of a kind, even been called a “white unicorn” lol. I make sure my clients are looked after to my best ability and that the artwork they receive is the best they can get!

My clients tell me to my face that they’re so happy they made the best choice in having me photograph their newborn, older baby or family.

Check out our Pinterest board of what to wear inspirational outfits. Take note of the tones, colours and textures.


We also have a ladies client wardrobe if you prefer to use our dresses. 


Otherwise some really nice online shops include.






Petal & Pup



Coven & CO




For toddlers & kids check out –

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A: YES YES YES!! Absolutely, I most definately am, as is my immediate family.

A: I highly recommend ordering all of your wall art and prints through me. I use only professional print labs that don’t service the public. My editing software is calibrated with their printers so your images print perfectly, exactly how they were intended to be viewed. All prints get approved by me when received. 

A: Yes, we offer direct debit payment plans through Pay Advantage. This no interest direct debit option allows you to break your order into smaller payments recurring until the final amount is paid. You then receive your order after the final payment is made. The first digital package is due in full however at thee time of ordering and you may lay-by any upgraded package over 6-10 weeks.

A: Yes! At your session, you will be asked to sign the release so you can use your image files to print for personal use.

A: For studio sessions on the Gold Coast, your images are loaded straight onto the cinema screen for you to sit back and order. The ones you select are then meticulously hand edited. But they do look amazing straight out of the camera, this is why I am so confident to show you straight away. For outdoor Gold Coast sessions or sessions not held at the studio you will make a viewing & ordering time within the next 7 days after your photography session.

A: There are always heaps to choose from! You will have enough images to be able to purchase any of our packages on offer from the biggest to beyond, if you want more images than our biggest package you will have the chance to add on extras your order.

A: For a full newborn photography session there will be 5-7 setups plus family posing, depending on how settled baby is.

A: It’s all good! We know parents absolutely adore awake photos of their baby. To be able to see their eyes open in those first weeks is not very common and it’s where we see their little personality shine! So in short, send us all the awake babies! There is no pressure for anything from your baby in a session with us. As long as we can aim to have a calm settled baby, sleepy or awake won’t matter to your session. Hopefully your baby will do a little bit of awake and asleep during their session for variety. The main thing is to never put any expectations on your sweet baby and how their photos will look from their part. 

A: Your session fee or deposit is due to secure a session on the Gold Coast. Because births are unpredictable, your session is able to be moved to accomodate. If you do cancel within 12 days prior to your session, a reschedule fee (the same as the session fee between $200/$250 depending on your inclusions) will be required to secure the next available spot. This is why it is very important to keep in contact with us leading up to the birth. I will check in with you about 14 days before our session via email to check if baby has been born, you will need to allow a few days at home to rest before coming to the studio.

I do not provide raw files to clients as part of my service.  The process involves selecting the best photographs from our session, purchasing those in a digital collection package, enhancing them with careful attention to detail, and optimizing them for print and digital use. The final edited images are the result of my professional expertise and are intended to provide the highest quality results. The inclusions of your package purchased are listed in the pricing for complete transparency.

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