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Age: 1 Year
Photographer: tanha
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Baby India at her outdoor family sunset photography session on the Gold Coast. Photography that has a stunnng backdrop, images that are love & the moment. Family baby photographer Gold Coast

What we’re not about – Standing like statues, smiling at the camera like a statue, being unemotional. What we are ALL about – Embracing the breeze, letting your hair down, letting the breeze move it, dresses that move, just like your hair, we want the breeze to ruffle your dress, we love the window love the swish!

We love cuddles in fields, we love looking into each others eyes, we love being close, very close, laughing into each others souls, because as a family, we are one. That’s what family photography is all about for Winni & Mini Photography.

Your family in a little cuddly family bubble, just being yourselves. Let the kids run, let them be free and themselves, it always makes for the best photographs and always makes the best expressions captured on their faces.

Remember the why… Why are you having these photos taken? To capture you and your family now, today, as you are, so that you can remember them, remember yourself, so they can remember you.

When you book a session with Tanha from Winni & Mini Photography, you will be guided with what to wear, this can be either a phone call or email with what to wear. The outfits are so important in your photographs, they set the mood and create the most stunning imagery.

To book in for your own outdoor family and baby photography experience, contact Tanha HERE.


Family baby photographer Gold Coast