Hello, Gold Coast Mums-to-Be!

Preparing for your new arrival is an exciting journey. To make this process smoother and more enjoyable, here’s a comprehensive 20-point checklist covering everything from the essentials to those extra special touches.

1. Baby Shower Ideas Plan a memorable baby shower with a unique Gold Coast theme.

2. Newborn Essentials Stock up on newborn essentials like nappies, clothing, and a crib.

3. Parenting Tips Gather parenting tips and advice from books or local parenting groups.

4. Baby Milestones Learn about key baby milestones to track your baby’s development.

5. Nursery Decor Ideas Create a beautiful and functional nursery space for your baby.

6. Pregnancy Journey Document your pregnancy journey through photos or a journal.

7. First Year Baby Moments Think about how to capture and cherish your baby’s first-year moments.

8. New Mum Support Connect with Gold Coast mum support groups for advice and friendship.

9. Infant Care Tips Brush up on infant care tips, from feeding to sleeping patterns.

10. Preparing for Baby Finalise your birth plan and pack your hospital bag.

11. Maternity Wardrobe Refresh your wardrobe with comfortable and stylish maternity wear.

12. Baby’s First Library Start a collection of children’s books for your baby.

13. Baby Health and Wellness Understand basic baby health concerns and wellness tips.

14. Documenting Baby’s Growth Plan creative ways to document your baby’s growth and milestones.

15. Choosing a Pediatrician Select a pediatrician in the Gold Coast area.

16. Baby First Aid Course Enrol in a baby first aid course for safety and peace of mind.

17. Preparing Siblings Prepare any older siblings for the new baby’s arrival.

18. Babyproofing Your Home Begin the process of babyproofing your home.

19. Meal Planning and Prep Cook and freeze meals in advance for the post-birth period.

20. Time for Yourself Don’t forget to take time out for yourself, for relaxation and self-care.

Wishing you all the best on this amazing journey!