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Krystle Brant Family Sunset Session

Age: 4 Years
Photographer: tanha
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The sun bounces off her long brown curls, her hair shimmers warmly in the sunset light. As we walk to the location we will be photographing around. We leave Minnie Mouse with our bags, she is going to make sure our stuff is safe.

Her smile lights up her parents faces. As I ask little Willow, only 4 years of age, to do a twirl, her little eyes close tight, her smile is huge, her cute little nose scrunches up, and with all of her princessy might, she spins around twirling her dress and her curls follow as well.

We tip toe gently together through the 1 foot grass, whispering as we say hello to fairies hiding, and being so careful not to hurt any that didn’t see us coming. Willow finds a fairy, and so gently she puts it into her hand, I ask,  can I see? Her little hand opens up, I see exactly what Willow sees, a fairy wearing a purple tutu! We put the fairy back and continue on our exploration of the area.

Willows mum & dad watch on, they enjoy the moment to just stop, and look at each other, but they can’t resist to laugh at the silly moment, it’s a little bit cheesy, but it’s obvious, they both deeply love each other more than ever before.

Willow & her parents then sit down in the grass, their little princess who loves the camera, instantly jumps between them. Her parents kiss her, one on each cheek, her little face lights up with a huge smile. Little girl, your mum & dad love you more than any words will ever describe. In that moment, time stops… I click the shutter on my camera, at this stage I have already taken a few hundred photos, all of them burst with connection and love. I watch her face through my camera, I can feel the love they all have.

It makes me so unbelievably honoured. I have been so lucky to meet so many beautiful families and so many children and babies. Now this moment has been captured. Forever as long as they live, and for generations to come, they can look back at the 3rd September 2019 at sunset. They can see exactly what they looked like and more importantly they can re-live the love, connection and emotion.


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