Same Day In Person Sales (IPS) Class

Facebook Live Video – Same Day IPS – Ready to watch

Facebook Live Video is ready for you to re-watch in a closed group on facebook. Class has already taken place. Is now available for you to watch. Simply purchase and request to be added to this group –

Explaining my same day in person sales and how I get top package sales almost every single time, thats an average spend of $3000 aud per client.

Only edit what gets purchased, and get paid straight away on the same day as your session.

In this live video, I will do a full session demonstration of exactly how I sell my images, in the most non salesy way.

What program I use to show clients their images.

My favourite all time product to offer that clients can’t say no to.

Upgrade Products and where to offer them, these are the – “would you like fries with that”

My full pricelist and all the details on that.

How to create the perfect IPS room.

Ask me any relating questions you like.

Live recording will remain in the hidden facebook group forever so you can always go back to it.

You must have a facebook account to be added to the hidden group.

Once you have paid please message me on my business page with your facebook full name and I will add you.

*This class is not for people wanting to learn IPS where clients come back for a viewing and choose to purchase wall art etc.

My method is suitable for business workflows where its not possible to get clients back in on another day, maybe due to having a young family or other reasons where its all needs to be done same day.

Strictly no refunds will be apply on purchases of classes.